IMG_5650It’s snowing outside right now as I type up this blog post. This has been my first attempt at writing a post for this blog in a long time. I have just been super busy. I am trying to do a lot of publishing right now, and add to that, that I am a Pastor of a church, and well, you get the idea. Every day has something going on, and I can and do stay extremely busy. As I write this I personally want to SLOW down, and enjoy the sight of the freshly fallen snow, the tall pines that are covered with a blanket of wonderfully pure white powder – it’s beautiful. O thank God for the gift of sight. So many of us take it for granted. I know because once I hit 40, my sight began to fail. I don’t see like I did when I was a younger man.

Today is December 15th, and my devotional reading was taken from O.S. Hawkins, The Christmas Code. The key Scripture was Matthew 1:23, “And they shall call His name Immanuel, which is translated, “God with us.” That’s powerful! God with us. Yes, this is what Christmas is really all about (Charile Brown). I hope that each one of us will take the time to PAUSE and to reflect on the real meaning of this season. We are celebrating the coming of a Savior, our own personal Redeemer. Have you surrendered your like to Jesus Christ? You need too – this will open up Christmas to you in a very fresh light.

I am so thankful that 41 years ago I heard about Jesus Christ for the first time. Yes, I heard his name mention many times, but never in a postive light, it was also in profanity. How sad that so many people today only use the name of Jesus as a cuss word, and have never looked into the Nativity set and into the face of the Christ Child. Don’t miss this opportunity to see that God’s gift to us at Christmas is to reflect upon the sending of His Son into the world. Yes, God sent His Son! This was God’s gift to you and to me. Have you received this gift from God? Do it now!

Do you feel alone, tired of all the hustle and bussel of the holidays, and just want to get away from it all? Take some time to look out into the world with a new set of eyes. Not with negative eyes, or politically charged eyes, or with skepticism eyes, but with caring and sensitive eyes. Look around you, Christmas is in the air. There are sounds of music filling the places where we shop, eat, and play. People are out and shopping for their loved ones; those special people. You are having someone shop for a gift for you. God has blessed you with living in the land of bountiful blessings. We are a rich people – you are a rich individual. Are you surrounded by family, children, friends? You are blessed! If, however you find yourself alone, and you long for a friend, can I suggest that this December 24th that you walked into a church within your community (a Church that teaches from the Bible), and that you allow God to speak to you through the message of the pastor, the music, or special program being presented that day. Often we find ourselves alone because we refuse to take the first step. So, these words are encouraging you, yes you, to move out, and to get closer to people this Christmas season. Don’t be a humbug, go ahead and take the step towards actually enjoying the Christmas season.

My sincere prayer for this Christmas season is that God’s people (those who know God through Jesus Christ) will actually seek to celebrate the birth of Jesus (Immanuel – God with us), and that we will not be so busy that we miss out on this special time to PAUSE and to reflect on just how much God so loved the world (John 3:16).

Merry Christmas Everyone and may God truly bless you.

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