Gov shutdown

I am not a politician and right now its a good thing. Not many of them are looking good right now. Isn’t it a shame that some of the highest paid people in the country cannot provide direction for our country? I think that not only should government workers not get paid, but we should withhold pay from our elected professionals as well. This would get them back to the table for discussion. I think it would be a good thing if somehow we could fire the whole lot of them. Give them pick slips and send them home without pay. I am one tired American hearing over and over again that it is always the fault of the person across the table. As a nation we cannot spend and tax our way to a better economy (and I’m not an economist either).

Yes, I would really like to see a national grass roots movement that calls for every politician to resign (without retirement pay). Who gets a pension for life for 4 years of service? We need to rethink this one. The whole lot of them need to be fired, resign, or step aside. I believe that stay-at-home mothers could run our country better than Congress has. They know how to disciple their children, and as a people that make up this great country, its time that we discipline our national leaders.

Finally, remember that they work for us. Okay, and also remember that we are commanded to pray for them. And we all know they need it.

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