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Thinking about Christmas

by Kim Alexander

It’s snowing outside right now as I type up this blog post. This has been my first attempt at writing a post for this blog in a long time. I have just been super busy. I am trying to do a lot of publishing right now, and add to that, that I am a Pastor […]

November 14, 1976

by Kim Alexander

1976 – that’s not todays date! No it’s not. That is the date that I was saved. The date that I became a follower of jesus Christ. How did it happen? Well, I was invited to church by a couple of friends. That’s a key to bringing people to Jesus – the INVITATION. We could […]

A Recent Sermon: Snow Flurries

by Kim Alexander

      We started a new series, really a mini-series compared to Hosea. We started a three-week series that I am calling, Biblical Weather Report, and yesterday we looked at a message I entitled, Snow Flurries. Yes, we took a look at SNOW, how it is used in the Bible, and what we can learn […]

Sunday Reflections – September 29, 2013

by Kim Alexander

  I am sitting in my office listening to people just outside my door making plans for The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever. Decisions are being made regarding whether we should charge a fee, or free, decorations, sound equipment, lighting, food, and so many other decisions. It is exciting to hear the discussion between various individuals. […]

Amos 5:1-15 Hear this Word # 3 Pt. 1

by Kim Alexander

Pastor Kim again returns to the Old Testmanet Minor Prophet book of Amos. The shepherd-tree tender turned Prophet. What a message to the household of Israel. It doesn’t sound like something written thousands of years ago. No, it sounds like a message give to a people who are alive in the 21st Century. People seem […]

Amos 4:1-13 Hear This Word # 2

by Kim Alexander
Amos 4

Pastor Kim continues in the series through the Minor Prophet book of Amos. Although it is thousands of years old, it is very relevant to the times in which you and I are living today. God’s message to Israel seems to be a message to us. Pick up your Bible and follow along. http://slbc2u.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Amos-4-1-13-Hear-this-Word-2.mp3Podcast: Play […]

Amos 3:1-15 Hear this word # 1

by Kim Alexander

Here is a message about hearing! Check out: Amos 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1. Three messages that Amos preaches about the importance of hearing God’s Word. Pick up your Bible and follow along as Pastor Kim shares about why it is important for us today to hear God’s word. http://slbc2u.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Amos-3-1-15-Hear-This-Word.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Authentic Discipleship – Go Make Disciples Matthew 28:18-20

by Kim Alexander

Disciples are to follow Jesus Christ, and they are to be obedient to His last words to them. These words are called, The Great Commission. In this message Pastor Kim shares four ideas about the Great Commission – It’s Proclamation, Transformation, Equipping, and Object. Pick up your Bible and follow along. http://slbc2u.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/AD-Go-Make-Disciples.mp3Podcast: Play in new […]

Amos 1:1-15 When God Has Enough # 1

by Kim Alexander

Pastor Kim returns to his series on the Minor Prophets. Minor Prophets with Major Messages. In this first installment of Amos we see that God has had it with the nations surrounding Israel, and that He judged them based on their treatment to His covenant people. There are six key truths that Pastor Kim concludes […]

Matthew 4:18-22 Authentic Discipleship # 1

by Kim Alexander

A new series for a New Year – Authentic Discipleship. Can people follow Jesus without really following Jesus? The early disciples dropped all to follow Jesus, and they did so immediately. Has following Jesus Christ changed your life? To be a disciples means that you are following the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ Himself. […]

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