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A Total Disgrace for the Married People

by Kim Alexander

 Did you hear the latest to come out of the state of California? Jerry Brown has signed SB1306, that goes into effect on Jan. 1. The bill will strike out the words “husband” and “wife” from all state documents. Husband and wife will be replaced with “spouse”, and the reason given is to accommodate same-sex […]

Two Becoming One with Children

by Kim Alexander

God designed couples to get married, and to start a family (children). Now, I understand that not all couples have the ability to have children. However, it is still how God designed them – they want to have children. I know of couples that were unable to have children, and so they adopted. I also […]

Two Becoming One with Money

by Kim Alexander

Money Magazine states that couples argue about money twice as much as they do about sex. What was the cause of your last argument (fight)? Have you noticed how God usually brings two people together – Opposites Attract! You may be a saver, and you married a spender. You may enjoy balancing a checkbook, and […]

Two Becoming One in our Roles (For the Wives)

by Kim Alexander

This is part two of Two Becoming One in our Roles. This time I want to share some insight to wives that might be reading this blog. I trust you will find this helpful. Roles of the Wife What are the ROLES that a wife needs to be doing in the marriage relationship? Let’s look […]

Two Becoming One in our Roles (For the Husbands)

by Kim Alexander

Roles are an issue. Consider the following email that was sent to me: “What a topic.  Jerry and I have personally struggled with these roles through the years. For seven years he was really checked out.  He was raised by an alcoholic single mom with no intention of teaching him about roles.  My dad was […]

Two Becoming One in the Bedroom

by Kim Alexander

If you find the following blog helpful will you please send your friends to our page. Also a full audio and video presentation of this sermon is available here online as well. Thank you for reading, listening, or watching. What is God’s perspective about sex as a married couple? Continue to read and discover: I. […]

New Message Series: Two Becoming One

by Kim Alexander

This coming Sunday I will start a brand new never preached before series of messages that deal with problem areas of every marriage. We will tackle areas of friendship in marriage, communication, in-laws, money issues, sex, roles, and much more. I would love to have you follow this series all the way through. I will […]

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