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What’s happening in our culture?

Vacation Bible School – The Big Apple Adventure

by Kim Alexander

It started today at Spirit Lake Baptist Church- Vacation Bible School (aka: VBS) The Big Apple Adventure. It is all about FAITH. In the book of Romans we read, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” (Rom. 10:17). This is what it is all about – teaching the Word of God […]

Good Morning America Attacks Christianity (ABC)

by Kim Alexander

Talk about an agenda, and an open and blatant attack against Christianity in America. The program that aired today, July 12, 2011, and began by making Michele Bachmann’s Family business front and center. Michele and her husband run a Christian Counseling Center. If there is one thing I know about counseling it is this: it is very […]

A Moment of Silence Vs. Acknowledging Almighty God

by Kim Alexander

Is SILENCE the answer? I don’t believe that it is. SILENCE says, We don’t need God. We are self-sufficient. We are more intelligent than those who lived before us. We depend upon human reasoning. We somehow think silence heals. How sad that as Americans we have allowed our government to set the platform for how we […]

Is Anyone Right?

by Kim Alexander

I was visiting You Tube today and was listening to preachers of the past. I also ran across some videos of those who were crying out against some of the modern day preachers. Critical spirits speaking critical words. Just because I am mentioning names here do not mean that I support, nor does it mean […]

The antics of the ACLU

by Kim Alexander

Well, just today I read that the ACLU is going after a university in Montana. Oh my, they may have mentioned God in a graduation service, and of course that goes against the Constitution and the separation clause. Excuse me – I challenge anyone to find the great religion clause that everyone likes to talk about. You […]

Finances in a World Gone Mad

by Kim Alexander

How do you and I handle our money today? Some people would rather not talk about it. Others say, “There you go again, you pastor’s always talk about money.” Are you aware that 16 out of the 38 parables in the Bible deal with money? The Bible devotes 500 verses on the subject of prayer, […]

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