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What’s happening in our culture?

Where are you with CULTURE?

by Kim Alexander

Where are you and I when it comes to culture? I hear people on the West and East Coasts talk about people living inland (country living), and they say things like, “You’re not very cultured”, or “Where you live, lacks culture”. I hear those statements and I literally laugh inside (I have a real: lol […]

SCOTUS Decision – The impetus for Coming CHANGE in America

by Kim Alexander

The Supreme Cout of the United States doesn’t always get it right, and this time they got it wrong. They got it very wrong. My understanding of law is that there must be a precedence, and there was, over thousands of years of world history, not just US history, but world-wide history that marriage consisted […]

Moab Pride, Really? Not something to be proud about.

by Kim Alexander

  A friend of mine just returned from a vacation from Colorado, and on the way home he and his wife stopped in the town of Moab, Utah. They stopped at several hotels trying to find a place to lay down their heads. Finally after a long search they found a room for $ 186.00 […]

Adultery Encouraged

by Kim Alexander

I was preparing a sermon from Hosea 7, and one of the sins that God pointed out that Israel was practicing was adultery. It became common place with the people, and it was a part of their national downfall. Israel went into captivity as a result of their sin and unrepentive heart. Well, you would […]

Normal: Are we being deceived?

by Kim Alexander

I would like to offer you a free PDF booklet on the topic of homosexuality. We are being told that it is normal, and that its love between two people. Well, it is important that we stop and look at all things through the biblical reference point. It make sense that we consult the owners-creators […]

Culture Shock doesn’t Shock Us Any More

by Kim Alexander

I was sent an email by a church parishioner. It was entitled: Man, Sex, God, and Yale. It is a book written by Nathan Harden, who spoke at Hillsdale Collage  on September 20, 2012. Nathan shared about a book that was written by William F. Buckley back in 1951, in which he underscored the tention that […]

Silence of the Lambs

by Kim Alexander

This   morning on national television (Good Morning America) I head a report about how in California counselors were no longer going to be able to talk with teenagers about their sexual orientation. It appears that the state believes that teenagers are confused when someone tells them that it is possible to change their sexual behavior, and […]

Act of Kindness

by Kim Alexander

Some men in the church came and took away my lawn mower. It was in bad shape. Wheels that were flat. A motor that wouldn’t start. A cutting deck that was broken. These men took it away. Painted it. Fixed tires. Got the motor running great and did a tune up. They also put in […]


by Kim Alexander

Secret Service is in the news – it appears that our own protective agents for the President of the United Sates have been very bad. Some delegates went to Columbia for a pre-event planning for an upcoming trip that Obama would be taking, and while there they rented a room that could host 30 people […]

Those Six dreaded letters: Cancer

by Kim Alexander

Well, yesterday I went to a follow up visit with the surgeon who did my biopsy last Tuesday, March 20th. When he walked into the office he was holding the pathology report. He looked at me and said, “The report says that you have low-grace (1-2) B-cell lymphoma.” I can tell you that that is not what […]

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