Slide1   We started a new series, really a mini-series compared to Hosea. We started a three-week series that I am calling, Biblical Weather Report, and yesterday we looked at a message I entitled, Snow Flurries. Yes, we took a look at SNOW, how it is used in the Bible, and what we can learn from SNOW. This series is being based off of Psalm 148:8, “Fire and hail, snow and clouds; Stormy wind, fulfilling His word.” Isn’t that a truly amazing verse? SNOW fulfills the word of God!

   SNOW we discovered is mentioned some 20 times in the Bible, and we traveled through most of the places in yesterday’s sermon. What did we discover about SNOW? We learned:

I.              God controls all weather, even snow.

Take a few minutes to look up the following verses in your own Bible. Job 37:6, God causes the SNOW to fall on the earth. Job 37:13, God sends the weather for correction, for the land, and out of His goodness. Job 37:13, God has a treasury just for SNOW. Psalm 147:16, God gives SNOW like wool. It is a covering! Psalm 148:8, Our key verse again (Highlight it in your Bible). What do you think the point is in all these verses? It’s simple – God controls all weather.

II.            God inspired His writers to be creative with the word, SNOW.

Check out the following biblical writers usage of the word, SNOW:

A.    Job uses the word, SNOW – Job 24:19

This is the verse that I had a hard time with in the sermon yesterday. It wasn’t Solomon that used it; it was Job. Thanks for the text, Anthony. As SNOW melts away by heat and drought, so the grave consumes those that sin. There is a high price for sin. Sin is the culprit that leads us away from God.

B.    David uses the word, SNOW – Psalm 51:7

This verse comes right out of David’s prayer of repentance. It is a powerful verse of confession and cleanings. God will wash us and make us whiter than SNOW! Remember, it is God who does the cleansing.

C.    Solomon uses the word, SNOW – Prov. 25:13

Here SNOW is seen as something refreshing. It is used to cool one down on a hot harvest day. It is compared to a faithful messenger that brings good news to his master.

Solomon also uses SNOW over in that great Proverbs 31 chapter. Check out verse 21. Here we read that the wife wasn’t afraid of the SNOW because she had prepared ahead of time for its arrival. Preparation is essential.

D.    Isaiah uses the word, SNOW – Isaiah 1:18

In this verse Isaiah quotes God, “Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.” 

There is nothing like knowing that ones sins have been completely forgiven. Thank you Lord. Agree with God about our sin, and we shall be forgiven.

III.           God is described by the word, SNOW.

There are three places where God is described (His garments, head and hair) by the word, SNOW. You will want to pick up your Bible and look at the following verses: Daniel 7:9, Mark 9:3, and Revelation 1:14. God being described by the word, SNOW is used to drive home the truth that God is wholly pure and totally holy.

I brought the message to a close by reminding us that no two snowflakes are the same. That they are as individual as fingerprints. God created them all. I also asked us to see winter through new eyes. Remember that all weather is God controlled. That SNOW comes from God’s treasury, and that it fulfills His word. That’s mighty awesome.

Next, I reminded us how creative man is with SNOW. Man makes snowmen to snow hotels with God’s SNOW! I also pointed out that along this same creative streak that the writers of Scripture were creative with the usage of SNOW. Go back up and reread point II. Washed as white as SNOW. As heat and drought consume the SNOW waters. SNOW is like a faithful messenger that refreshes his master. A prepared wife doesn’t have to be afraid of the SNOW. If we will agree with God about our sin, and confess our sin, that God will wash us as white as SNOW. Now that is a very creative use for the word, SNOW!

Finally, I shared that when we look at SNOW that we need to be reminded that it describes for us the attribute of God. We looked at three places where God’s garments and His head and hair were being described by the word, SNOW. SNOW in those passages was speaking about God being pure and holy.

And there we have our Biblical Weather Report. I really hope that you and I will never look at SNOW again in the same way. SNOW points us to God! Now, how wonderful is that?

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