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Sunday Reflections – September 29, 2013

by Kim Alexander

  I am sitting in my office listening to people just outside my door making plans for The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever. Decisions are being made regarding whether we should charge a fee, or free, decorations, sound equipment, lighting, food, and so many other decisions. It is exciting to hear the discussion between various individuals. […]

Adultery Encouraged

by Kim Alexander

I was preparing a sermon from Hosea 7, and one of the sins that God pointed out that Israel was practicing was adultery. It became common place with the people, and it was a part of their national downfall. Israel went into captivity as a result of their sin and unrepentive heart. Well, you would […]

Labor Day Review

by Kim Alexander

My family and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend over in Leavenworth, WA. We arrived after spending most of the day traveling. We drove from Spokane to Grand Coulee Dam. It was absolutely amazing to see again. Debbie and I rode bikes through the Dam back in the early 80’s (doesn’t that give our age away?). […]

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