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Culture Shock doesn’t Shock Us Any More

by Kim Alexander

I was sent an email by a church¬†parishioner. It was entitled: Man, Sex, God, and Yale. It is a book written by Nathan Harden, who spoke at Hillsdale Collage¬† on September 20, 2012. Nathan shared about a book that was written by William F. Buckley back in 1951, in which he underscored the tention that […]

Amos 1:1-15 When God Has Enough # 1

by Kim Alexander

Pastor Kim returns to his series on the Minor Prophets. Minor Prophets with Major Messages. In this first installment of Amos we see that God has had it with the nations surrounding Israel, and that He judged them based on their treatment to His covenant people. There are six key truths that Pastor Kim concludes […]

Matthew 4:18-22 Authentic Discipleship # 1

by Kim Alexander

A new series for a New Year – Authentic Discipleship. Can people follow Jesus without really following Jesus? The early disciples dropped all to follow Jesus, and they did so immediately. Has following Jesus Christ changed your life? To be a disciples means that you are following the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ Himself. […]

Matthew 5:43-48 Love Your Enemies

by Kim Alexander

We probably have all heard the words, “Love your neighbor and hate your enemy” – this is often the motto of many people today. It is easy to love people that we consider friends, but what about people who think differently than we do, or people that may not have our best interest in mind? […]

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