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I Corinthians 6:12-20 Lawful, but not Helpful

by Kim Alexander

In this message Paul Kim tackles the ideas of what society has deemed lawful, and what Christians are practicing and he asked the questions: Are they helpful, and are you being mastered by them. Learn the spiritual principle of I Cor. 6:12, the carnal problem found in I Cor. 6:13-14, and the workable solution discovered […]

Why Jesus Came – to provide life and victory -John 10:27-28

by Kim Alexander

The third reason Jesus came into our world was to provide life and victory for each one of us. Not only does Jesus give eternal life, but he provides us abundant life, and get this, victory over the devil. That’s right our enemy has been defeated, and we do not have to give in to […]

Why Jesus Came – to seek and save the Lost (Luke 15)

by Kim Alexander

There is a second reason Jesus came into our world. He came specifically to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10), of course this would be all of us since we were lost, or still are lost. I hope that you will come to understand the true meaning of Christmas this season.

Why Jesus Came – To do the will of His Father

by Kim Alexander

Pastor Kim begins a three part Christmas series ¬†looking at WHY Jesus Came into the world. This is part one, and in this message Pastor Kim walks through ten stages of the life of Jesus where we see that He did all of the will of His Father. We will learn a very valuable lesson […]

Ephesians 5:16 – How to get into the Christmas Spirit

by Kim Alexander

Pastor Kim address how each and everyone of us can renew the meaning and purpose of Christmas. It doesn’t have to become old and stale. In this message he shares five practical steps to recapture the wonder of Christmas. Pick up your Bible and follow along. In this message he will provide some assignments, so […]

Love 2012 – Love for Community – Volunteerism

by Kim Alexander

Pastor Kim shares three places where he personally volunteered in the community and the difference it made in the lives of various people. He encourages the church to step outside of the church and to make a difference in someones life. People need to see the church in action (loving others). Pick up your Bible […]

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