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Love 2012 – Love Christians – Love One Another Continually

by Kim Alexander

Do you love those who worship with each Sunday? It is easy to tell someone you love them, but it’s another story to actually love them. We are called to love other believers. In this message Pastor Kim provides some warnings and some practical how too if we are going to actually love other Christians. […]

Love 2012 – Love Christ – We Love Christ by Serving Him

by Kim Alexander

Love is a verb! It is an action word. Are you and I showing that we love Christ? It will clearly be seen in our service to Christ. Where are you engaged in serving Jesus today? Follow along with an open Bible as Pastor Kim explores this topic today. Play in new window | […]

Luke 17:11-19 Who will Give Thanks

by Kim Alexander

A Thanksgiving Message: How many people actually return to Jesus and give thanks for healing? 1 out of 10 seems to be the percentage. Do you and I have a grateful heart? When was the last time you returned and gave thanks for something God has done in your life? Why not pause right now […]

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