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Jonah 1:17 A Real Fish Tale

by Kim Alexander

There are three main characters in Jonah 1:17. There is the LORD. He will determine the direction of the story. Then there is the great fish. This fish was commissioned for the purpose of consuming God’s prophet. Finally, there is Jonah. Jonah is the disobedient prophet who was running away from God’s commission. Many people laugh at […]

Guest Speaker – Chris Rogne

by Kim Alexander

Chris speaks about the churches involvement in loving people into God’s kingdom. Play in new window | Download

Love 2012 – Love Christ: Obey His Voice

by Kim Alexander

It is so important that followers of Jesus discern the voice of God. In this message Pastor Kim shares eight ways for us to hear God today. He also goes through Scripture looking at what the Bible teaches about hearing God and obeying His voice. Like always grab your Bible and listen along. Play […]

Jonah 1:10-16 Getting Through The Storm

by Kim Alexander

What is the purpose of the storms that come into our lives? I believe they are for the purpose of getting our attention. But what about those around us? Those who are caught up in a storm designed to get our attention? How will they respond? In this message Pastor Kim will address this specific […]

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