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Obadiah 1-1-9 A Bad Case of Pride

by Kim Alexander

Here is our first message from the book of Obadiah. Here we discover that pride shall be brought down. God always deals with those who allow pride to rule their lives. Grab your Bible and follow along. Play in new window | Download

Major Messages from the Minor Prophets #2

by Kim Alexander

In this second message Pastor Kim continues to speak about the 12 Minor Prophets. They are only Minor in their length, and not the importance of their message. Each of the Minor Prophets have some very Major Messages to the people of Israel and Judah. Pick up your Bible and listen along. Play in […]

The Issues haven’t change just the people

by Kim Alexander

In Bible study this morning we studied Proverbs 26:1-22. The first section of this Proverb is all about the fool. You know who the fool is don’t you? He is the person who says, “There is no God.” Yes, that is a very foolish statement. The fool is also the person who knows what he […]

The Worship Book of the Bible: Psalms

by Kim Alexander

Are you aware that the songbook of the Bible is the book of Psalms? Do you know how many chapters in Psalms? 150! Have you ever read through the Psalms? If you haven’t I would encourage you to start the journey – you won’t be disappointed. The Psalms are not boring, but may be to […]

Those Six dreaded letters: Cancer

by Kim Alexander

Well, yesterday I went to a follow up visit with the surgeon who did my biopsy last Tuesday, March 20th. When he walked into the office he was holding the pathology report. He looked at me and said, “The report says that you have low-grace (1-2) B-cell lymphoma.” I can tell you that that is not what […]

How to Repent

by Kim Alexander

 If you have ever walked through a bookstore you have probably noticed the great number of titles that begin with “How to…” Some examples: How to play golf How to make money How to cook just about everything How to play keyboards How to fall in love How to dress for success How to be […]

All about the Bible for New Beginners

by Kim Alexander

The Bible is the Word of God (II Tim 3:16-17) The Bible has two parts – Old Testament and New Testament There are 39 books that make up the Old Testament – Genesis through Malachi. The Old Testament has five divisions (think in terms of the five fingers on your hand). Thumb – Genesis, Exodus, […]

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