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Thinking about Christmas

It’s snowing outside right now as I type up this blog post. This has been my first attempt at writing a post for this blog in a long time. I have just been super busy. I am trying to do a lot of publishing right now, and add to that, that I am a Pastor […]

Where are you with CULTURE?

Where are you and I when it comes to culture? I hear people on the West and East Coasts talk about people living inland (country living), and they say things like, “You’re not very cultured”, or “Where you live, lacks culture”. I hear those statements and I literally laugh inside (I have a real: lol […]

SCOTUS Decision – The impetus for Coming CHANGE in America

The Supreme Cout of the United States doesn’t always get it right, and this time they got it wrong. They got it very wrong. My understanding of law is that there must be a precedence, and there was, over thousands of years of world history, not just US history, but world-wide history that marriage consisted […]

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