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A Total Disgrace for the Married People

 Did you hear the latest to come out of the state of California? Jerry Brown has signed SB1306, that goes into effect on Jan. 1. The bill will strike out the words “husband” and “wife” from all state documents. Husband and wife will be replaced with “spouse”, and the reason given is to accommodate same-sex […]

Two Becoming One with Children

God designed couples to get married, and to start a family (children). Now, I understand that not all couples have the ability to have children. However, it is still how God designed them – they want to have children. I know of couples that were unable to have children, and so they adopted. I also […]

Two Becoming One with Money

Money Magazine states that couples argue about money twice as much as they do about sex. What was the cause of your last argument (fight)? Have you noticed how God usually brings two people together – Opposites Attract! You may be a saver, and you married a spender. You may enjoy balancing a checkbook, and […]